A FOX News host actually asked how “feminists do science”—and the Twitter burns are priceless

So, how did we end up with a country in which feminists do science? That’s what FOX News host Tucker Carlson wants to know. Carlson specifically asked this while discussing a 2016 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research titled, “Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption.”

"How did we end up with a country where feminists do science?" Carlson asked his guest Mark Steyn. "We 're sort of bound to get a study like this, right?"

For some background, the researchers behind the study asked, “Why are men less likely than women to embrace environmentally friendly products and behaviors?” They then went on to theorize that caring for the environment has always been seen as a feminine trope, and therefore, this stereotype may “motivate men to avoid green behaviors in order to preserve a macho image.” After a series of seven experiments, the researchers proved the theory to be true. Not only did they find that participants widely stereotyped those who engage in green behaviors as feminine, but they also saw that men’s engagement in green behaviors can be influenced by their perceptions of masculinity.

Luckily, feminist scientists are here to help Carlson understand why we let “feminists do science.”

Even AOC weighed in:

"Democracy and civil rights is how we got a country where 'feminists do science.'"

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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