Fox has ~another~ singing competition show in the works, because apparently you can never have enough

There’s some major news for fanatics of Fox’s American Idol and it involves a plot twist way better than the time Sam Woolf got sent home. Two years after pumping the breaks on your favorite OG singing competition show, Fox looks like it wants to do a re-mix. After seeing their hit show get snapped up for a reboot by ABC, Fox has reportedly changed their tune about their decision to cancel Idol and has started to develop a new singing competition show. While there’s no doubt in our mind such a show will feature the bright lights and shiny stages we’ve grown to love, it’s important to note that Fox’s new project is set to come with a major twist.

The show is being developed by Israeli producer Armoza Formats and is set to start its season with four “finalists” who get selected in the premiere episodes.

Of course, audiences will enjoy getting to see a final winner emerge in the season’s finale, but the real excitement happens in the first episode when the finalists learn they’re not in the clear. Why? Because new contestants are expected to pop in each week and battle it out with the finalists who will have to fend them off in order to save their seats.

Word is still out on what the show’s title will be, or who they’ll pick to judge the show. But one thing is uh-huh for sure. For fans who watched Fox end American Idol‘s 15 seasons run in 2016 and have a massive passion for variety shows, this update is 100% Christmas Come Early. Or, like the time Simon Cowell got soaked in Season 3.

TBD if Ryan Seacrest will come to host, but we’re putting in all of the pretty pleases.