There’s a fox farm in Japan, and it’s all we can think about

Today in Really Cute Things That Totally Exist, we bring you: a fox farm! Zao Fox Village, which is located in Japan, has six different species of foxes, and it’s incredible. If hanging with a bunch of adorable foxes sounds like a foxy dream come true, perhaps the Miyagi Zao mountains is where you want to go for your next vacation.

Unlike a zoo, the foxes who live in the Zao Fox Village are free to roam the entire property and totally do their own thing. The village, which opened in 1990, was set out to be a sanctuary for foxes. It’s also human-friendly. For about 85 cents, you are given food to feed these foxes and you get to chill with them (however, the farm would rather you not hand-feed them, since these foxes are not domesticated and are a little wild and unpredictable).

According to Bored panda, in some parts of Japan, people believe foxes “to have mystical powers or that they are messengers of Inari Okami, the Shinto deity of fertility, prosperity and rice.” Well, we all know that foxes truly have the mystical power of cuteness. Take a look at some pictures from Zao Fox Village and get ready to reign in all those feels.

There’s also a video, where you can watch a bunch of frolicking foxes! You are welcome.

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