There’s a real life fox and the hound and they are here to make you happy cry

Meet Juniper the fox and her buddy Moose the dog.

Basically, they are The Fox and the Hound IRL.


For a quick background, because we know you’re curious, Juniper is what (according to her owners) is a “tame” or “ranched fox” from a breeder, she wasn’t rescued or taken from the wild. Her owners are actually very adamant on their Instagram posts, where they try to educate people as much as possible, about not encouraging anyone to get a fox as a pet (they require permits if it’s even legal in your state).

But back to the fun stuff, looking at adorable pictures of Juniper and Moose!

Look at them play together!

And smile for photos together!

Obviously, they are total party animals (hehe) together!

And they even chill out together, because OF COURSE they do.

Basically, they are totally inseparable and we are a million percent on board with that, because everyone should have a best friend.


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