Will the fourth nor’easter affect New Jersey?

The first day of spring may be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that winter is over. In fact, another nor’easter may be headed for New Jersey, which would make it the fourth storm to hit the East Coast in less than three weeks. We know what you might be thinking…”When will it all end!?” Well, possibly, sooner rather than later. This storm isn’t expected to be as bad as the others since New Jersey might only see one to three inches of snow.

NJ.com reports that the snowstorm is expected to have less of an impact than the storms earlier this month. The heaviest amounts of snow will fall along the Jersey Shore, and they may only see three to six inches.

"This isn’t a huge storm like the other ones we've had," meteorologist Steven DiMartino explained. "It’s two minor storms combined."

The first storm, which will arrive early Tuesday, March 20th, is expected to bring a mix of snow and rain. According to the National Weather Service’s latest forecast, “A second, probably stronger, coastal low is expected to develop Tuesday night and impact portions of the region on Wednesday.”

As always, the forecast could change as the storm gets closer, so there’s also definitely a chance the storm could be even lighter than expected. The best course of action will be to check your local weather report this evening and tomorrow morning for the most up-to-date reports.

Here’s to hoping it’s a light one. We’re ready to trade in our winter coats and boots for shorts and flip flops as soon as possible! Please and thank you, weather gods!

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