A fourth grade teacher found this note being passed by her students, and it will give you hope for a feminist future

Sometimes, you might find yourself wondering if we’re doing our part to raise a strong, feminist younger generation. Then, you see the empowering notes fourth grade girls are passing to each other in school, and you’re suddenly full of hope for the future.

Twitter user @SMLXist, who goes by Elly, posted a photo of a note her friend found on the floor of her fourth grade classroom.

"Want to start a club about female empowerment. We are the leaders," the note read.

The photo of the note picked up major traction online, earning more than 40,000 retweets. 

Elly has since posted updates, informing the world that the author of the note told her teacher she wanted to form the club because boys in her class were telling her she couldn’t do certain things because she is a girl.

We remember being told the same thing during our playground days, so it’s incredible to see young girls are standing up to their peers to defend their rights.

Elly is now a co-sponsor of the club, which has the full support of the school.

Make us proud, girls!

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