These four shows will help you get in touch with your ~inner psychic~

As a professional psychic, I like to remind people of two things: First, everyone possesses an innate intuition or sixth sense. Second, anyone can improve their intuition with education and practice. My new book, Angel Insights, is a great tool for learning about intuition and is full of exercises to help you build that third-eye muscle. The following shows are also a fun, entertaining way to get in touch with your inner Jedi!



Hot men in dark eyeliner, shield maidens, cool Pagan face tattoos — there are a million reasons to watch this series. My favorite character is the Seer, an ancient oracle who crashes in a cave. If one of the vikings is about to make a big decision, or is feeling lost and confused, they consult the Seer. Watching these one-on-one psychic sessions on screen will remind you to consult your own intuition before making major changes, or whenever you’re feeling unsure about your present course. Cutthroat kings, fearless warriors, wise inventors, formidable matriarchs — they all have one thing in common. Okay, two. They are all vikings, and they are all totally in awe of, and incredibly intimidated by, the Seer. Intuition is something to be celebrated, respected and revered — vikings get that. The good news is: We’re all intuitive.



She’s just your average harried suburban mother — who solves crimes for the police relying solely on her psychic ability. This show proves that people who are highly intuitive are just like everyone else: They put on their mom jeans one leg at a time. Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette), like most professional psychics, uses all four “clairs.” There are no physical clues or other logical explanations why, yet Allison just knows the body is buried in a specific field hundreds of miles from the murder scene (this is “claircognizance,” where psychic information comes as a knowing). Allison has no tangible proof, but she just feels the IT guy is up to something diabolical (this is “clairsentience,” where psychic information comes through feelings). A voice in her head tells Allison the man on the witness stand is lying — big time (this is “clairaudience,” where psychic information comes through hearing voices). Need a sketch of the murderer? Allison has never seen him, but she received an image of his exact likeness in her mind (this is “clairvoyance,” where psychic information comes through pictures). You might also get intuitive information via one or several of these methods — mom jeans optional.

Game of Thrones


Part of this show’s appeal — besides gorgeous sets, complex characters and English accents — are its themes of fate and prophecy. The Red Woman (Melisandre) relies entirely on her psychic abilities to make decisions and navigate the future—and she serves as a cautionary tale. Your intuition is a powerful ally, but you should also consult your head and your heart (they’re around for a reason). At the beginning of season six, when Melisandre is confronted with Jon Snow’s corpse, she announces, “But I saw him fighting in the flames at Winterfell!” Her third eye told her Jon wouldn’t die now, this way, and she was right. But she’s not always right — remember how everyone got burned, some literally and tragically, by her whole “Stannis is the true king” trip? In the same episode, Cersei informs Jaime of a prophecy told to her years ago that all their children would die young. “F*ck prophecy,” Jaime says. He’s right — to a degree. Some things are fated, but many are a combination of our free will, the free will of others and a larger world that is constantly in flux and changing. So get metaphysical, but keep one foot on the ground. And remember, many things about the future are unwritten, so when we “see into the future,” we are more often seeing potential and probabilities than certainty.

The Mists of Avalon


Morgaine (Julianna Margulies), the heroine in this classic retelling of Arthurian legend, is highly psychic. Even as a child, she experiences visions and hears voices. Because of her gift, Morgaine is sent away to Avalon, where she can train with the Lady of the Lake (Anjelica Huston). Morgaine is psychically talented when she arrives on this misty island full of female monks, but after spending years honing her gift she becomes next in line to the magical psychic throne, high priestess of the land, aka the Lady of the Lake. Morgaine’s training on Avalon provides viewers with an important lesson about psychic ability — whether you are naturally highly intuitive or not very naturally intuitive at all or somewhere in between (that’s where most people fall), your intuition can always be greatly improved by study and practice. Be like the priestesses of Avalon—read books on psychic phenomenon, act on your gut instincts, pay attention to your dreams and practice sensing the energy of other people and spaces. You never know, you might just be the next Lady of the Lake.

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