Four girls brilliantly clear up any confusion about their last names in their yearbook

Imagine if you knew five people with the last name of Miller, or Smith, or Johnson. You wouldn’t ask them if they were related, would you? No, because these names are *insanely* popular. However, four students with the same (very common) last names had to deal with a ton of people asking them if they’re related just because their surname is Vietnamese — and they dealt with it in the most hilarious way possible.

A picture of the four girls was posted without any context on Reddit, but has been upvoted over 5,000 times. Check out the teamwork between Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian:

Pure brilliance. This also happened back in 2012 at San Jose’s Presentation High School, but between eight young women named Nyugen. It begs the question: why is the surname so common? After all, an estimated 40% of people in Vietnam have it. Luckily, there was an expert Redditor, Fidelstikks, who taught the Internet a lesson in names:

There you go. Next time you meet someone with the last name of Nguyen, don’t ask them if they’re related to that friend of yours (it’s rude, okay?). Odds are, the answer will be a resounding (and quite annoyed) “no.”