The Fountain Tarot deck will add a double dose of beauty and magic to your daily practice

For those of us who swear by the intuition of tarot, we’ve gotten wind of a deck that has blown us away. On September 10th, Roost Books announced via Instagram the arrival of The Fountain Tarot, which might just be the tarot deck of our dreams.

Written, illustrated, and created by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro, The Fountain Tarot deck and guidebook preserves the rich history of the tarot practice while also “re-envisioning s for our contemporary lives,” Jess Townsend from Roost Books told HelloGiggles.

The deck as a whole is clean, airy, and each of Saiz’s illustrations are unique, dream-like pieces, all worthy of their own frame.

The three creators of The Fountain Tarot spent a year in Todos Santos, Mexico, perfecting their collaboration deck and extensively researching the origins and previous adaptations of tarot. The team stripped the practice down to the bare bones and built their deck based on tarot’s original “essence.”

Gruhl was at the spiritual helm of the project and authored the 112-page Fountain guidebook. His mission was to create a deck that unlocks the user’s full potential.

As The Fountain Tarot's website states, Gruhl "is committed to people and their pursuit of happiness."


When Saiz was painting the images for The Fountain Tarot, he pulled inspiration from his surroundings in Todos Santos, and let his “curiosity of aesthetics and metaphysics” run wild. He painted 79 pieces in total for The Fountain Tarot, with each piece evoking a distinct feeling when pulled by the reader.

Saiz also called upon friends, family, and artists he admires to help model for his Fountain pieces. After about a year of diligent painting, Saiz created a gorgeous body of work.


Being heavily involved in the world of fashion, modeling, and design, Todaro had a firm grasp on what a contemporary tarot deck should look like. She brought her extensive design knowledge to The Fountain Tarot and helped morph it into its streamlined look.

She looked to the Templo de San Cayetano in Guanajuato,‬ Mexico for inspiration when it came to designing the backs of the cards. Todaro wanted to blend classic and modern aesthetics, and realized the geometry of old Mexican churches does just that.


The Fountain Tarot can be incorporated into any daily practice. Pull a card to direct your meditation, or give yourself a reading at the start of your day or before a self-care regimen. The deck is meant to be used as a tool for inspiration, guidance, and as a starting a point to travel the road of self-discovery.

You can preorder your own copy of The Fountain Tarot via Roost Books’ website.

There are also three gorgeous limited-edition scarves up for purchase that coincide with The Fountain Tarot’s release.

Prepare to be bombarded with beauty and motivation to seek your happiness.