We found you a way to crash weddings without leaving your couch, you can thank us later

If you’re obsessed with weddings, planning a wedding, or just love watching wedding videos, you’re in luck. The first ever Wedding Film Awards took place this week, and watching these videos is ~almost~ as good as crashing a wedding yourself.

Hosted by Love Stories TV, an online hub for real wedding videos, the awards show honored the 10 best flicks of 2016 at Rent the Runway’s style studio in New York (a place every bride should visit before the big day!). The results are hilarious, sweet, and sure to inspire any couple in the throes of wedding planning.

Check out the awards presentation in the video below, streamed live on Facebook on January 10th.

Videos from around the world were honored in categories including, Most Likely to Make You LOL, Best Back Story, Best Groom Reaction, and Most Likely to Make You Cry.

As far as the HelloGiggles team is concerned, we can’t stop watching the vows below — they have us squealing and sobbing in equal measure.

Best line? “I promise to hold your hand whenever you want, even if you always squeeze too tight to try and find my veins like a weirdo doctor.”

And we’re gushing hard over this video, too, which won the award for Best International Film. These lovebirds fell for each other over Facebook!

If you need a break from the political horror show that’s been dominating the news cycle this week, do yourself a favor and crash a few weddings from the safety of your couch. You won’t regret it!