Found: That one ‘Clueless’ accessory we’ve been missing in our lives

If you know what’s good for you, you spent the past weekend celebrating the 20th anniversary of classic teen flick Clueless. Perhaps the commemoration of such a fine holiday included gathering of all your friends to watch a screening of the movie, trading your favorite Cher quotes and talking about the seemingly eternal cuteness of one Paul Rudd. Yes, you may be lamenting the death of shopping mall sanctuary, Contempo Casuals, but you can still steal the style of your favorite characters from the film. The popularity of ‘90s fashion trends has been steadily fervent the past few years. You don’t need to look hard for an over-the-knee socks or a plaid skirt set, but there might be that one thing that you still need to get your hands on: Cher’s fuzzy pen!

I’m talking about Cher’s adorable pink, fuzzy pen that she uses to get Christian’s attention. While in class, Cher nudges the pen off her desk in order for Christian to pick it up for her. It works, and he compliments her “stems.” If you’re looking for a modern option to that glorious furry writing instrument, this mint pom pom pen is it! It comes in white as well!

Clueless pom pom pen, $6.50

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