We have found our new dream squad, and it’s ~stranger~ than we thought

Close your eyes, and picture your perfect Squad. Got something in mind? Okay, great, now forget that, because we’ve got an even better Squad that you can see right now with your very own eyes:

Emma Roberts. Chloë Grace Moretz. Winona Ryder. Millie Bobby Brown. We would join a sorority with these ladies. We would also go to the Upside Down with these ladies. We’d do just about anything with these ladies if it meant getting the chance to hang out with them for a brief moment in time, because this, friends, is the ULTIMATE SQUAD GOAL.

Someone get them all onto a Netflix original series STAT.

This group all attended the Coach 1941 show at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, where they were seated next to one another. Did they plan this in advance? Probably not. But let’s pretend that they did, and pretend that they’re all actually best friends and text each other all the time (if we had Millie’s number in our phone, we’d text her every single day).


Look at them! This is like, three generations of Girl Power! We’ve got Winona who has been stealing scenes on-screen since the ’80s! Emma and Chloë are two of the biggest TV and film stars on the planet right now! And one day, Millie will inherit the Earth!!



Looking amazing, ladies. Just please invite us along too next time, okay?