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NC Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Censored

by Kebible

“Hola friends!

I work in news thus I come across hundreds of stories per day. This one I felt would be a great discussion topic. At a high school in North Carolina seniors were asked to submit a photo of their choice with a prop of *their choice.* One teen, wanting her peers to share in her happiness and accomplishments, chose a photo of her with her infant son. This didn’t sit well with the school and the photo was banned. The student says the picture wasn’t allowed because it promoted teen pregnancy. The young mom just wanted to share an extension of her family and show the world what she accomplished, even though she faced critics and obstacles along the way.

What do you guys think about the school’s decision?”

This definitely sounds like a great discussion topic, go for it!Treehugger Friendly

by writeandsmile


Although I do not like shopping, I do like looking good. And now that spring finally remembered Germany exists, it is time to get some cute and hot clothes and shoes for the warmer season. I want to shop online (like I said, I hate going shopping) AND it must be treehugger friendly, meaning no leather, no silk….. O, and it should be affordable too, because I hate spending money unless it is on my kids 

Thank you for any tips!”

Looks like writeandsmile could use some help, share your tips.Caravan Palace

Our forum is an excellent place to discover new music!

by zanticzaan

“I present to you Caravan Palace!

Music genre: Electro-Jazz.

Have a listen and check out the video:

Tell me what you think fellow Gigglers 

Check out Caravan Palace and share your thoughts with zanticzaan and other gigglers! Then share some of your favorite new bands.

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