Forum Chatter: Women’s Equality, 80’s Movies & Gilmore Girls

Hey Gigglers, I’ve got your weekly forum update. Let’s go!

Women’s Equality

by leeyesa

“I’m doing research for a project on Feminist Critiques of the Social Contract. What I’m interested to know is whether or not you feel discriminated against only on the basis of being a woman. If you do, what do you believe is the reasoning behind it? Is the reason we women, who are the (is that still acceptable to say…? It’s still 2004, right?) haven’t reached equality yet because our societal system doesn’t allow it?”

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80’s Movies

I’ve recently discovered how awesome 80’s movies really are. Totally obsessed with The Breakfast Club.

by messyowl

“What are your favorite 80’s movies?!

The two that stand out to me are Stand By Me and The Lost Boys
But there are so many great ones! What are your favorites? 

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Gilmore Girls

by HuckFinn1

“This is such a good show, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs when they’re on.

Does anyone else like to think that Rory and Jess end up together?”

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