Forum Chatter: We’re the Millers, Man Rant & Fact or Fiction?


How are my favorite gigglers? There’s so much going on in our forum, this week we’re talking about movies, men and books! Let’s get started:

We’re the Millers

by kater_tot

I just wrote a blog post about seeing the movie We’re The Millers, and why everyone should go see it too!

Have you seen We’re The Millers yet? What’d you think?

Man Rant!

You know, sometimes we just need a place to rant! Get it all out. No better place to do that than our friendly forum.

by Princessbinty

“Hi, I’m a newbie but I’m totally peeved with my boyfriend. For a start he’s a total douche and I really don’t know why I’m still even talking to him other than it’s comforting just having him there. Even though he’s put me through a lot of grief and I’m at the end of my teather. I just hate falling out with anyone but also I know I’ll be fine then I’ll want to text him and talk to him and will eventually do it because I’m a numpty.

I am the woman that I despair of! So please, any advice on how to get this done in a somewhat dignified manner?”

Our girl, Princessbinty needs a little advice. Help her out!

Fact or Fiction?

by Ameliesnow

“I like to think that reading literature has a great (if not greater) benefit to those who read for pleasure rather than to educate themselves. My friend obviously disagrees with his opinion and reads purely to improve his knowledge, and reproaches literature due to the fact it is ‘unessential’ and it isn’t educational.”

Sounds like a great debate waiting to happen! Join in.


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