Forum Chatter: The Fault in Our Stars, Moving Out & Catfished/Online Relationships

Happy September, everyone!

In this installment of Forum Chatter, we’re talking about “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, living on your own for the first time and one of our lovely Gigglers has shared her Catfish story. Let’s get started!

The Fault in Our Stars

by kater_tot

“John Green (a fantastic YouTuber, you should go check out his daily video blogs– “vlogs” that he does with his brother, Hank) had announced that his book, The Fault in Our Stars was going to be made into a movie. I had never read the book, but definitely saw the fanfire online regarding it. I had contemplated reading it, as I am quite a big reader myself, but I didn’t really have the longing to read it until I saw it was being made into a movie.”

So, what about you guys, will you read the book or wait for the movie? Discuss with kater_tot and other gigglers, here.

Moving Out On My Own For The First Time

by lynell_D21

“Ok… so i’m moving out of my parents house after 21 years of being with them. I am very close with them and i am having some anxietiesabout moving out. I know that this is what i have to do, but i have a problem with thinking the worst of every subject. I am terrified of being alone on my own and something bad happen. I don’t know if these are common feelings and anxieties. I do own a gun, and know how to use it. I also am a self defence instructer at my local neighborhood gym. Iam readyto move out and make my own way in the world. I just have a fear i think of losing touch with my mom. Since we are incrediably close. I am not good with household fixings either… I mean, my apartment is just 20 minutes away from the house. I think once i am actually moved out and in my own place my fears will fade away, at least i hope so…”

Do you remember what this was like for you? Share your experience and any tips you learned along the way!

Catfished/Online Relationships

by alexandra__gap

“I just feel catfished, because I know he was hiding his appearance for a reason and it was completely pointless because obviously I didn’t fall for his looks and if he wasn’t good looking, I wouldn’t just leave, I’m not that type of girl, but honesty is key, am I right?
Basically what I’m trying to ask here, is how do you cope after a long distance break up? I don’t exactly have closure, and it’s not the easiest thing out there to not know the details of something when you’re trying to put it in your past.. So help me cope, tell me your coping methods, opinions, etc. Please?”

Have you been in a similar situation? How did you handle it? Help our girl, alexandra__gap figure this one out.

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