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What’s Your Favorite Reality Show

by Ptree82 “I’ll admit it – I love the Jersey Shore. They’re a bunch of trainwrecks but I still find them wildly entertaining! I used to watch a lot more reality tv but over the years I’ve stopped watching tv altogether.”

So, tell us, what’s YOUR favorite reality show?

Gifts Are Hard To Shop For

I couldn’t agree more! I hate gift shopping, I never know what to get and I’m pretty sure me getting something and the person not liking it would be the end of the world as we know it. So, I stick with cards unless I’m told exactly what to shop for.

by cutiepie66 “Boyfriend and I are celebrating our six months (one clap) I know it isn’t anything special but he has been my best friend for two years, so I would like to get him something nice. Any ideas of something thoughtful, sweet, yet not overboard on the girly side for my guy. Give me as many ideas as possible, cause I need HELP 

Can you help cutiepie66? Share your ideas here.

Worldwide Gigglers! Where Are You From?

by Juditbar

“Hi everyone,

I’m from Barcelona, Catalonia. And you? Where are you from?



One day a friend sent me a link to and I was hooked. Definitely one of my favorite sites on the interweb. I’m from Jamaica, where are you from?

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