Forum Chatter: Help My BFF, Top 5 TV Series & New York, New York

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by caringis4humans

“Does anyone have any other ideas for me? Or can people at least share the fundraiser page and maybe try to at least donate $1 to see if we can get somewhere? Anything at all helps. I’m afraid of losing my best friend to a stupid situation, and that’s the last thing that needs to happen. Thanks so much in advance!”

Looks like caringis4humans needs some helping with fundraising ideas. Share your wisdom, here.

Top 5 TV Series

by HuckFinn1

“Ok, let’s do top 5 TV series!

1. Six Feet Under
2. Freaks and Geeks
3. The Office
4. Friends
5. Gilmore Girls”

Hmm, are we talking about top 5 TV series right now or of all time? My top 5 right now are:

1. True Blood
2. Dexter (starts today)
3. Pretty Little Liars (duh)
4. Twisted (Avan Jogia is just sooooo nice to look at)
5. The Fosters

But top 5 TV series of all time? We’ll talk about that later but until then, share your top 5!

New Yorkers, help!

by vadersdaughter

“I’m surprised nobody mentioned seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center. Do that. And there’s also ice skating at Bryant Park (recommend doing it here rather than Rockefeller. the wait is waaay shorter). But if you really want to experience NY, hit up local places. St. Mark’s Place is always good for food, and while you’re there, go see Washington Square Park with the pretty Arc de Triomphe looking thing.

enjoy your stay! 

Gigglers are discussing their favorite things to do and places to visit while in New York. What are your faves? 

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