Forum Chatter: HBO’s GIRLS, Moving On & A Wedding Playlist

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This season of GIRLS has ended but our gigglers are still talking about it.

by sandy mora

“I love it. It’s funny, smart, Hannah wears cute clothes. The doughnut wallpaper in their kitchen cabinet was adorable.They’re all beautiful women who remind me of myself and my friends and people in my life. I mean, straight out of my journal sometimes. Though… Adam disgusted me until he opened up a bit (though that “I’m Sorry” poster thing didn’t touch me as it did some others and I think he is quite impulsive and that both impresses and scares me) and I still don’t quite understand how Hannah lost her job (when she went cray on her touchy-feely boss). Maybe I need to re-watch that episode. I can understand how the raw moments can irk some people. I mean, I’m always freaking out that someone is going to come in the room when I’m watching it and think I’m watching p-or-n while simultaneously eating yogurt on the couch or that my boyfriend is going to pee on me in the shower (ala Adam)”Join the conversation. What was your favorite episode this season? What do you think next season will bring?

This Is About: Moving On. And Guys.

by psjmarie13

“This is so much about what’s happening to me right now. The above advice is really great. It’s hard to go through the motions, but it gets you somewhere from where you were before. My question to the poster before is how do you stay friends with your ex who is now dating your other friend (no ill-intent) even when you both want to be together again in the future when the time is right and you both still love each other, but want to take time?”

Moving on can be incredibly hard but luckily, you never have to do it alone. Your fellow gigglers are always here to help. Take a peek!

Trying To Make A Wedding Playlist. Ooooh, someone’s getting married!

by Alice “It would be SO great if you could all post any and every love song you can think of to help me out! We want everything from the Beatles (in my life), to any cute Motown song ever written (my girl), to punk sing-along love songs (every thug needs a lady). Any input is very much appreciated folks!”

Help Alice complete her wedding playlist. Maybe you’ll even discover a few new tracks to add to your own library.

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