Forum Chatter: Game of Thrones, Pretty Nails & Blogs!

Hey Gigglers,

This week we’re talking about Game of Thrones, pretty nails and your fabulous blogs. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Game of Thrones

I don’t know about you guys but like lizriley, I too am obsessed with Game of Thrones! I have one word for you, KHALESSI!

by lizriley “Hey gigglers! I am currently obsessing over Game of Thrones!!!!! OMG!! Like how amazing is this show? Did anyone see the last episode?”

Are you a fan? See what other gigglers are saying, here.

Pretty Nails

by catita


I actually got inspired by all the nail art that HelloGiggles posts here and in facebook, and did….”

Check out what catita did and share your designs too.

Share Your Blog Links

by YOpinksushi

“Any bloggers out there? Tumblrs, blogspots, wordpress, etc.? Well let’s see them! I’d love to follow/read. Especially if they’re personal blogs. Twitters too, while we’re at it.”

We know you have amazing blogs because you’re amazing, duh! So, post your links and make some friends.

What are you waiting for? Do it!


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