Forum Chatter: Crushes, How Soon Is Too Soon & Haunted By An Ex!

Hey, Gigglers!

Summer loving, had me a blast. Summer loving, happened so fast…” you guys know the rest. What is it about summer that makes everyone wanna fall in love? Or is that winter? Either way, our forum has been buzzing about the highs and lows of love. Let’s dive in!

Crushing In The 20s

by twentyonethoughts

“I guess what I’m trying to ask is, is it okay to have a crush in your 20s? At this point in our lives shouldn’t we (gals) know if the chemistry is mutual, and either do something about it, or move on? Maybe it’s an issue of me being bold or not, but I would definitely love some input, if any!

THANK YOU! #foreveralone”

Obviously, twentyonethoughts could use some advice. Tell her what you think, here.

How Soon Is Too Soon?

by TealFinch

“I think my feelings may be going in the same direction as his, but is this all too soon? Am I setting myself up for an exciting few months then a huge, heartbreaking letdown? Am I ready to compromise my total independence (which I love) over someone I’ve only known a few short weeks?”

TealFinch seems a bit uncertain and maybe even a little scared. Help her out!

Haunted By An Ex

by juraiknight

“Soon after this, I ended contact with her all together and she gained another boyfriend rather quickly (once again). This was almost two years ago. Despite what had happened, I still find myself thinking about her and she constantly haunts my dreams. It seems like I just can’t completely move on, and I catch myself wondering if it would be such a bad thing for us to be together, or if I had made a mistake in burning that bridge. Any input or advice would be awesome and sorry for the long long post.”

I did say this was about the highs and LOWS of love. Read the rest of juraiknights post and give him your input.

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