Forum Chatter: Confessions Of A Cruise Director & The Battle On And Off The Pitch

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Confessions Of A Cruise Director

Guys, I think I might be an obsessive planner. Luckily, I’m not alone.

by elizabethlsiegel

“After being called uptight all weekend by my uptight sister, just because I’m really big on planning and I get nervous a lot, reading this really solidified my (insane) idea that all of the planning I put into carpooling and figuring out times and how to get places and really putting all my trust in technology, is worth it, because if I don’t think these things through, no one will. Long sentence.

Anyone else really into planning?” Share your stories here.

The Battle On And Off The Pitch

by chieflujja

“Politics is politics, what we normally see are wars but the money which is a concern here, most of it is made from the same wars that you see. soldiers are never sent to a war so the government can gain honor, no not the truth behind all these wars are minerals which then turn to funds for the government that wins.
the saddest part is we the poor individual never even gain a bit of those funds it always for those greedy politicians.

Stop wars if you can please.”

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