Forum Chatter: Chris & Rihanna, Supernatural TV Shows & Nelson Mandela

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So much has been going on in our forums this past week, so let’s get started!

Rihanna and Chris Brown

by Libraries “Surprised there is not more backlash for them getting back together. The whole not standing up for frank ocean thing is hilarious even though I’m a fan of Ocean.”

How do you feel about Chris and Rihanna as a couple? Old news? Talk about it, here.

Supernatural TV Shows

by velasia

“What good romance related supernatural tv shows and movies are there? I read a lot of books and was looking for movies or tv shows similar preferably with either vampires or shapeshifters. The books I read are usually similar to Twilight series.”

Are you into the supernatural? Share your favorite movies and shows with other Gigglers.

Nelson Mandela Was Hospitalized Early Saturday

by lizriley

“This is truly sad. We pray for a quick and complete recovery.

What is your favorite Nelson Mandela quote?”

Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to us all! So, what’s your favorite Mandela quote?

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