Forum Chatter: Beauty Pro Tips, Vintage Fashion & Zombies!

Hello loves! How are we today?

This week we’re talking about beauty tips, vintage fashion and one of my favorite things ever, zombies! Let’s get started.

Beauty Pro Tips

by xyz

“What are your favorite beauty short cuts or cheap tricks?

One of my favorites is baby powder in your hair to combat greasies. I don’t like to shampoo every day because I straighten. But by the end of Day 2 my hair is starts to get a little bit slick looking for my standards. 

 Baby powder to the rescue! I think it only works for lighter colored hair but is cheaper than dry shampoo and works better in my opinion.

Lemme in on your best secrets!” What are you waiting for? Go share your secrets.

Vintage Inspired Fashion

by ladylovesvintage

“Hey ladies. Thought we should start a thread on our favourite vintage inspired labels. I totally love Zooey Deschanel’s style on New Girl and I read in a magazine that she shops a lot on Modcloth which I love. There are so many cute things on there. I also love this British label called Miss Patina their dresses are so pretty. They also deliver for free which is sweeeeeeeet! What about you? Have you found any similar sites worth sharing? 


Are you a vintage lover? Where do you get your favorite pieces? Let everyone know, here.

Zombie Horde Have Dragged…

by kyasamju

“The zombie horde have dragged a couple of very good films along in their shuffling wake. Shaun of the Dead still stacks up as one of the best and funniest British comedies of all time…”

I love zombie movies. Have you seen any good ones lately? Our gigglers wanna know.

That’s all for this week but you can join the chatter by clicking on the forum tab!

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