Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford Tweeted about a racist encounter with Donald Trump, and it’s important that we listen

Former 2010 Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford is speaking out against Donald Trump for his past racist actions and you might want to listen.

On Wednesday, the actress took to Twitter to tell a story from her time during the pageant circuit and it involves the one and only Donald Trump. According to the 23-year-old star, Trump wasn’t bad to her, but his actions towards other women of color were racist and not okay.

“The most Trump tea I’ll spill for the day is this… when I was 17, I met Mr. Trump for the first time as Miss Teen USA. As the first WOC,” Crawford began her Twitter tale.

"To win the title in almost a decade - I was forewarned prior to meeting him that, 'Mr. Trump doesn't like black people. So don't take it the wrong way if he isn't extremely welcoming towards you. If he is, then u just must be the 'type' of black he likes," she tweeted.

If you can’t already tell, this story does NOT paint Trump in a positive light, but then again with all the recent drama surrounding his campaign, did you expect anything less?

“Now again… I’m 17. Raised in the suburbs of Potomac, MD. Only experienced racism personally ONCE and it was outside of my hometown. SO… Needless to say, I was totally caught off guard & super nervous bc this is supposed to be my boss I’m meeting – & he might not like me ALREADY?,” the 2010 Miss Teen USA explained.

"Sure enough after I was warned about him, I saw him in action & witnessed him completely snub a black contestant at Miss Universe rehearsals while she was practicing on stage. Literally turned his back to the stage and made a face like he was going to vomit at the sight of her," she continued.

“So now I’m like fuck this lol I don’t wanna meet this guy & he projectile vomits on me at the sight of ME.”

"Luckily for me - I was the 'type' of black he liked. He toted me around his buddies who were all there gawking at the Miss Universe girls. Bragged about how 'beautiful' and 'well spoken' I was. 'She's so smart, look how smart she is' he kept saying. Mind u, baby boy just met me🙄," the former pageant queen said.

“Of course I was over the moon – my boss likes me. I can survive the next 10 months of this. (I was maybe 2 months into my reign at the time). But in hindsight, there was nothing to be excited about. This man is running for president of a country with ALL ‘types’ of black,” she continued.

"&honey, if u ain't his 'type' Idk what to tell u. But I will say this -VOTE on November 8th if u don't wanna find out what his 'type' isn't," Crawford ended her Twitter story. Yikes!

Since posting her story online, Crawford has been fielding both positive and negative comments on social media.

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