Former Miss Alabama defies haters by sharing a post-baby bikini pic to Instagram

Katherine Webb-McCarron, 2012 Miss Alabama winner and brand new mom, is proud of how she looks just one month after giving birth, so she decided to share a bikini selfie on Instagram. Posing in a red, white, and blue bikini, Webb-McCarron snapped the pic while in a dressing room. “Shopping for bikini season!,” she wrote in the caption. “Shameless selfie…but seeing progress just from breastfeeding. Pretty awesome how the body works!” Webb-McCarron also made sure to point out that she gained 44 pounds while pregnant and that the pic wasn’t meant to be humble. “Say what you want, but I feel great about myself even with the extra cellulite on my butt and stretch marks so shoot me if I felt banging for once in this bikini,” she added.

By posting the disclaimer, Webb-McCarron seemed to expect controversy. Followers went head to head in the comments, with some defending the 27-year-old for being proud of her post-baby bod while others criticized her for showing off.

Unfortunately, some even left comments chastising Webb-McCarron’s decision to bare all.

“I bounced back just like you but would never post a pic like this, read one comment. “I don't believe in showing off. A lot of women work have to work super hard to lose weight so it's kind to be more considerate. You probably didn't post to be cruel, but just a friendly word of advice. #behumble.

Another commenter came to Webb McCarron’s defense, making a great point that policing others on how they portray themselves on Instagram is not okay. “She’s human just like all of us, she can post whatever she wants just like everyone is entitled to comment,” the person stated.

"Her post is not to rub in anyone's face she's just feeling great about herself. Everyone just needs to find what makes them feel great about themselves and post it if you so choose.

Webb-McCarron regularly works out, but hasn’t been able to since giving birth to Tripp, her first son with NFL player AJ McCarron. “Finally getting out with bubs,” she wrote in a previous post. “Haven’t started back at the gym yet because I feel guilty leaving him! But at least gym clothes make me feel like I’m doing something.” In 2013, Webb-McCarron modeled for Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue and was a contestant on the reality diving competition show Splash.

Whether a new mom is able bounce back to a pre-pregnancy figure quickly after giving birth or not, people should respect the fact that her body did something incredible as GIVE BIRTH TO A HUMAN. If she is proud of it and wants to show it off, no matter what it looks like, she has every right to do so. We totally support Webb-McCarron for embracing her body and celebrating its strength.

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