This former “Lizzie McGuire” actress is now a total thrill-seeking adventurer

Remember back in the day when we were totally shipping Matt McGuire and Melina Bianco of Lizzie McGuire before “shipping” was even a thing? They seemed like an adorable pre-teen match and reminded us of everything that is sweet about the first time you actually have feelings for someone.

Well, Melina Bianco grew up. At least Carly Schroeder (the actress who played her) did. And she’s now a badass adventurer who’s going on tons of outdoor excursions all over the world.

If you haven’t checked out Carly’s incredible Insta account and need some outdoorsy motivation to go exploring, she’s pretty much become the coolest person ever. And even travels to (literally) cool places to prove it.

Though she seems to be just as content by the warm ocean as she is in the cold tundra.

TBH, the girl seems like she’s fine in any climate and is just happiest when she’s outside.

While we of course loved seeing her onscreen and were always amused at the playful antics between her and her onscreen love, it’s even more incredible to see her living so fully and clearly loving every moment.

Her outdoorsy nature fits perfectly with her animal rights activism, a cause she openly supports. And, of course, every time she has an amazing adventure it makes her all that much more interesting and well-rounded to watch when she does return to her actress life.

Keep up the amazing work on and off camera, Carly. We are inspired by (and totally living vicariously through) you.

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