Our favorite former “Great British Bake Off” hosts, Mel and Sue, have a new gig together

We’re not going to lie: It was pretty upsetting when we found out that The Great British Bake Off‘s move to Channel 4 meant that we’d have to lose our two favorite hosts, Mel and Sue. Luckily, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have signed onto a new show, though, and we are so excited that we’ll still get a dose of them in our TV-loving lives.

The show actually sounds pretty amazing, too. According to the BBC, Mel and Sue have signed on to host an old show that’s been rebooted a few times since its debut in 1971, called The Generation Game. The BBC describes it as a show that pairs family members of different generations together then asks them to do “performance and task-based games.”

The goal is to reach the end of a conveyor belt that “spews” out prizes. WHAT? That sounds awesome. Mel and Sue will join other celeb guest judges, but we have a feeling that these two will be the main attraction.

In a statement, the friends announced the new gig:

"It’s a cuddly toy, it’s a toaster, it’s a circular power saw, no it’s Mel and Sue doing 'The Generation Game.' We can’t believe it, we are so excited."

There’s no premiere date yet and no promise that PBS will pick it up (like it did with GBBO); networks might have to see how successful it is first. But given the love that American fans of the Great British Bake Off have for Mel and Sue, PBS would be silly not to!

Check out a clip of an older version of the show to see how hilarious it can be.


Apparently, it’s a fan favorite in the U.K., sort of like how American viewers might have a soft spot for The Price Is Right or Supermarket Sweep — it’s one of those shows.

Guy Freeman, who’s in charge of special events at the BBC, thinks it’s going to be a hit. “When asked, this is the TV show that viewers most wanted to see back on their screens and so we are thrilled to be able to make that happen with Mel and Sue, who I know will have just as much fun hosting it as contestants will playing it,” he said in a statement to The Guardian. 

We really, really hope PBS picks it up!