What to do if you forgot to binge “The X-Files”

Don’t you hate it when you NEED to watch a show, but you completely forgot to watch every episode of it beforehand? This is my current struggle with The X-Files. The revival of the series was announced last March, which means that I had 10 months to watch all 202 episodes. But unfortunately, I have watched no episodes.

Growing up, I watched sporadic episodes here and there, but Tween Rachel was kinda terrified of everything Mulder and Scully learned, discovered, uncovered, etc. Adult Rachel is totally into this idea of new X-Files, even though Adult Rachel knows she’s roughly 170 episodes behind in watching. It happens.

I’ve made the bold decision to jump right into the show, having not seen every single prior episode. I know it’s a risky move; I know I’m going to be confused. But it’s a choice I’m making, and maybe you’re in this same exact situation: what do you do if you forgot to binge the X-Files?

1. Dive into it head first

The show can’t be THAT complicated to follow… right?

2. Don’t admit to anyone that you haven’t seen every episode

OK, you guys now know that I haven’t watched every episode, but I don’t know if you’ve watched every episode or not. I’ll only find that out if you tell me. If you’re trying to keep your lack of X-Files watching a secret for right now, don’t Tweet about it. Honestly, no one will know.

3. Know that Wikipedia is your friend

Yes, Wikipedia can be kinda hit or miss. It’s not the most reliable source, whatsoever. But when it comes to detailed descriptions and season summaries, it’s great. If there’s a character or vague reference made to something back in the OG series, Wikipedia is a great place to start.

4. Ask questions

If I’ve learned anything from my X-Files fanatic friends, it’s that they LOVE answering all sorts of obscure and crazy X-Files questions. Anyone who loves something loves to talk about it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

5. Procure a Delorean and/or Time Turner 

There are 202 episodes of X-Files, at roughly 44 minutes a piece. That comes out to 8,888 minutes, which translates to roughly six days. So if we could just go back in time a week, we can watch the whole series and never miss a beat. So… anyone got a Delorean?

6. Start watching it right now

There are still a few hours until it starts. There’s time.  Maybe the bes tidea is to spend this week bringing all of it, so you’re caught up for next week.

7. Agree with everything everyone says about the show

This is risky, but when your friends start talking about the revival, and say things like, “It’s great, it’s amazing, I loved it, it really jives with the original series, Scully continues to be the best, etc.” you can nod your head and respond with, “I KNOW, RIGHT?” No one will pick up on this stock response right away, giving you enough time to properly binge.

Sound like a plan, friends? Happy X-Files watching!

(Image via Fox)