Forever crush Adam Brody is back on TV in a very un-Seth-like role, and we can’t wait to watch

We’ve been missing Adam Brody since he became our #MCM way before Insta became a thing (hard to believe we once lived without it!). We’ve been keeping up with him thanks to shows like The League and New Girl, but we’re SO happy to see him in another major leading role in something new! He’ll be starring in an eerie series called StartUp, airing on Crackle (Sony’s streaming service). And we can’t WAIT to binge-watch.

Our forever love Adam Brody will play Nick, a financier who makes a *bit* of a bad decision when he decides to use embezzled money to help start his new business.

According to Crackle, StartUp is a “gritty Miami crime drama about building a company from the underground up.”

And we’re into it. Especially because it also stars #FANGIRL favorite Martin Freeman (aka Tim from the British Office, among other things).

But be warned O.C.-fans: The new show is very much for grown ups.

Bye, baby Seth.


From dirty money to risking lives to, of course, having sex, the show is a way, way more adult role than Brody’s role as sweet, dreamy Seth, and we can’t wait to see him step into a new identity. We’re sure we’ll love him just as much, and, either way, his killer face will continue to make our hearts pitter-patter.

The entire series is free to watch starting today!