Forever 21 has made some much-needed changes to its plus-size Instagram

Earlier this year, Forever 21 announced its plan to launch a plus-size line, and there was much tossing of virtual confetti all over the internet. Then in February, the celebration pretty much ceased when everyone got a glimpse of the new Forever21Plus page on Insta. Many IG commenters claimed that the models in the company’s photos were a bit too slim to actually be considered plus-size. Not only were many plus-sized women disappointed and felt that they weren’t being fairly represented, but a lot of people were also concerned about the message that photos labeling slimmer women as plus-size might send to young girls. It was such a big deal that some of the original pics were taken down.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief because it looks like Forever 21 took the criticism to heart. The company has made some major changes to the Forever 21 Plus Insta, and we’re really liking what we see. Instead of posting photos of models, they’re now posting pics of plus-size fashion bloggers rocking the Forever 21 Plus line. And they are CRUSHING IT.

Some of the fashion bloggers included on the Forever 21 Plus Insta are Denise Mercedes, Natalia Lilly, Nicole Simone, and Gabi Fresh. We love this change. In addition to showing a wider range of plus-sizes, it gives the account an authentic feel it was missing before.

Good job, Forever 21. This is a definite step in the right direction.

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