This crazy detail about the music Ford used to calm Maeve will low-key blow your mind

One of the coolest things about Westworld is the show’s use of music. And we’re not just talking about the awesome reimaginings of classics by Radiohead, Soundgarden, and the Rolling Stones. Because in Episode 8, “Trace Decay,” Ford used a PARTICULAR classical piece to calm Maeve down (in a flashback from about a year ago). And, if the cue sounded familiar to you, that’s because we’ve heard it before. And the NAME of this beautiful piece of music will not just blow your mind, but also make you question everything.

The song is called “Reverie” by famed French composer Claude Debussy.


And here’s a close-up for clarity.


That’s right, Westworld has been low-key trolling everyone this whole time by playing a ~reverie~ just for us.

Because, believe it or not, we first heard this song in Episode 3, “The Stray.”


If you recall, in that episode, Bernard had a private convo with Ford in his office and a Host pianist played a gentle tune… And, YEAH, it was Debussy’s “Reverie.” At first we thought it was just a clever Easter Egg referring to the “reveries” Ford recently installed in the Hosts. But now we wonder if this song has a more important meaning in the show?

Because we’re super intrigued by the whole, “An old trick from an old friend” comment.


Is the “old friend” Ford is referencing Arnold?!

We also want to know why Ford has the song playing automatically when he enters his office.


Is this a “trick” he has setup in case an unruly Host makes its way to his private office? Obviously, Bernard was no threat, so he turned it off then. But, what if a more ~dangerous~ Host posed a threat? You know, à la Maeve!? Would the music just keep playing?

And, in case you’re curious, here’s what the entire Debussy song sounds like.

Beautiful and eerie just like the show!

We won’t be surprised if Debussy’s “Reverie” makes it back into the show before the end of Season 1.

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