A lot of white men are mad about “forced diversity” in video games, and this guy had the perfect response

Diversity and inclusion in video games—like diversity in most forms of mainstream entertainment—is a fairly new phenomenon. In most games, protagonists have traditionally been depicted as straight, cisgender, and white, and almost always male. However, in recent years, the gaming community has seen characters of more diverse backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations—and it’s so refreshing. But not everyone is happy with the changing status quo. Specifically, a number of white guys are mad about what they consider to be “forced diversity” in games.

But one Twitter user by the name of FightinCowboy (who happens to be a straight, cisgender, white male himself) has something to say about all the griping.

"So lately there's been a lot of fuss over gaming 'forcing diversity' and people getting upset that a character is gay, trans, etc.," he wrote, "and I want to take a moment and try to explain this to folks that are having trouble understanding the issue, as a straight white dude myself."

“As a straight white dude my whole life has been filled with cool white dudes in gaming and comics,” he continued.

“Y’all been playing as the “straight white dude” for so long you’re treating that as the default setting in life…The world isn’t made of nothing but straight white dudes.”

“The point is while [diversity and representation] might not impact the gameplay AT ALL, it’s not hurting you and it’s potentially helping someone else,” he concluded. “And if you still disagree with that, then the real problem is just that you’re an asshole.”

Fellow gamers who aren’t upset about the “forced diversity” appear to agree wholeheartedly. If these characters can help people feel seen and provide many gamers with a new kind of role model, then the changes should be welcome.



This is a prime example of how one can use their platform and privilege for the greater good. Now, keep the diversity in video games coming.

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