Because it’s Force Friday, here’s the weirdest ‘Star Wars’ merch we’re adding to our wishlist

Today is Force Friday and if you’re a Star Wars fan it is a very exciting day. Today marks the day when alllllll the new merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens goes on sale. Sure, we’re still 104 days away from it actually opening in theaters, but you’ve obviously gotta get all your new Star Wars toys ahead of time. At least, that’s what thousands of Star Wars fans around the world are doing today.

In a sort of Black Friday shopping spree, all Star Wars toys went on-sale at 12:01am on September 4th. Big toy stores, like the giant Toys “R” Us in Times Square, opened their doors late at night to let fans in and shop. If you’re not someone who enjoys leaving the house at midnight, online retailers also started selling merchandise at 12:01am, too. There are probably a lot of tired Star Wars fans out there today.

There are all sorts of amazing Star Wars toys out there now, and there’s so much force being used NOT to buy them all. There are new toys, new LEGO sets, new lightsabers, new clothing, new bedspreads and pillows, and new t-shirts, and the list goes on and on. Wave goodbye to your money, Star Wars fans. Everyone is about to go broke.

While all your friends might be rushing out to snag a BB8 droid (IT’S SO CUTE), what about some of the lesser-known Star Wars merch you can get your hands on?

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars figures

You only need one Potato Head to then mix-and-match all sorts of different Star Wars inspired outfits on him. There’s R2-D2, C3PO, along with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Spud Solo.

Han Solo in Carbonite

Anything with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite is hilarious, just admit that to your Han Solo-loving self. So what better way than to show your Han love, than to make your drinks nice and cold with a carbonite ice cube tray? Leia would find this funny.

Han frozen in Carbonite pillowcase

See? Everything with Han in Carbonite is HILARIOUS. Your living room couch will be the best, guaranteed, if you have these pillows on it.

Giant Han in Carbonite door sticker

Last one about Han in Carbonite, promise. But just like Jabba hung him on his wall, now you, too, can hang Han on your bedroom door. It will really bring the room decor together.

The Ewok Adventure on DVD

Not many people have seen the Ewok Adventure. Not many people admit to having seen the Ewok Adventure. But, you should see it, even though none of it really matters to the greater Star Wars story anymore. But you should check it out for all its campy Ewok glory. When you’re done with that, switch over to the Star Wars Holiday Special... even though it’ll probably be unavailable for FOREVER.

A plush Bantha

How could you not want to cuddle with this at night?

A tauntaun sleeping bag

Just like Luke Skywalker climbed inside a tauntaun for a little nap (or, Han Solo killed the tauntaun and put Luke inside of it to keep him alive), you too can have tauntaun dreams tonight.

Life-size Jabba the Hut costume

Do you want to be the talk of your office Halloween party this year? The only way that will happen is if you purchase this amazing inflatable Jabba the Hutt costume. Just going to say it, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Jar Jar Binks bobble head

It’ll make a…. great…… joke gift?

This awesome backpack

Do you want to be the coolest kid in school or THE COOLEST KID IN SCHOOL? It’s even got faux-Chewbacca fur and a hood to really complete the whole Chewy look.

Pet costumes

How about dressing your dog up as Princess Leia? Not just for Halloween. But for every day.

Giant Death Star Pez dispenser

This Pez dispenser is fully operational.

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This is probably the coolest thing Pottery Barn has ever sold