The ‘Force Awakens’ novel might hold the answers to your burning ‘Star Wars’ questions

Got questions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens? While there might not be a whole lot of answers to go on right now, there’s a way to get some. No need to head back to the theater and see the movie again for the [insert your own number here] time. Instead, head down to your neatest bookseller and pick up a copy of the Force Awakens novel.

Sometimes movies are based on books, but when they’re not, they often get books (known as novelizations) based on them. That goes for Star Wars, which has a pretty extended (and no longer canon) book universe. But we’re here to talk about what is canon, and that’s the new Force Awakens novel, written by Alan Dean Foster. This is not Foster’s first foray into the Star Wars universe; he actually ghost-wrote the OG Star Wars novel back in 1976 with the help of George Lucas. Now he’s done it again, this time with the help of J. J. Abrams, and BB-8, too (I assume).

Foster wrote the book based off an early final draft of the Force Awakens script. That means, while the plot is still exactly the same, there are extra scenes and extended dialogue in his novel. Also, internal monologues for the characters that might be the most revealing thing of all.

While you should pick up the book yourself (remember reading? It’s what we did before Netflix!) here are the five best Force Awakens tidbits to tide you over. Hopefully they clear up a few things. Oh, and spoilers, obviously.

How did Poe survive crashing on Jakku?
He flagged down a passing speeder, obviously. It brought him to safety, and then eventually he made his way back to the Resistance. You just can’t go leaving a dreamboat pilot alone int he desert forever, you know.

Is Rey Han and Leia’s child?
Ehhhhhhhhhhhh. Probably not. The book would hint a little bit if Han or Leia had any sort of connection to Rey (because even if they weren’t saying it, they’d be thinking it). However, they both treat her like a brand new character, and frequently call her “that girl.”

But does Kylo Ren know Rey?
MAYBE, YOU GUYS. MAYBE. Before the start of their epic lightsaber battle, when Rey is able to Force-pull the lightsaber away from Ren, this happens:

How long has it been since Han and Leia lost Kylo Ren to the Dark Side?
The book confirms that Han and Leia did in fact marry (!!!), and that it’s been between 13 and 20 years since Han last saw Ben. He’s suggested to be around 30 years old, which would make sense — back when the Jedis were prominent and flourishing, young Jedi children went off to train before the age of 10.

Anything else about Luke?
Nope. The book ends the same place as the movie. Rey and Luke, standing atop Jedi Mountain, hand outstretched with lightsaber, wondering what’s going to happen next.

(Image via Lucasfilm)

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