The international ‘The Force Awakens’ trailer has some for serious OMG moments

Oh wow. Oh gosh. Oh BB8. Those are just a few exclamations to get you ready for the brand new international trailer for The Force Awakens. You ready for this?

It’s been almost two weeks since the full-length Star Wars trailer dropped here in the states, so I imagine you’ve got every line of dialogue attributed to memory (that can’t just be me, right?). But hey, it’s not just opening here; it’s opening all over the world. That means there’s now a slightly tweaked trailer with Japanese subtitles, and we’ve got something brand new to completely obsess over. This feels like Force Friday all over again!

For the most part, the two-minute trailer shows us a lot of what we’ve seen already. BUT THEN, it throws in dialogue we haven heard. Rey (Daisy Ridley) mentions her “family.” She and Finn (John Boyega) are finally formally introduced to one another. And Han Solo (Harrison Ford) confirms everything we’ve known all along. Those stories about the Force? They’re all true.

What might be most shocking is the fact that Kylo Ren’s (Adam Driver) three-pronged lightsaber comes REAL CLOSE to cutting off Rey’s head. And while there’s still no sign of Luke Skywalker (a completely MIA Mark Hamill), will a quick glimpse of C3PO suffice? Sure will!

Check out the trailer below, and can anyone translate that Japanese for me?

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