For All You Fruit and Veggie Eaters

Around here at HelloGiggles, we like to encourage healthy living. Whether it be a fresh set of giggles or a new dairy and gluten-free recipe, or even singing our little butts off in Video Chat Karaoke. Those are all wonderfully small ways we can improve our living. Each of us knows how important a healthy lifestyle is for our mental and physical well-being. Every new step we take to get closer to our healthiest self is of great benefit.

The most obvious step towards a healthy lifestyle involves the good ol’ staples of exercise and a diet that includes large amounts of fruits and veggies. And while the benefits of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diet are endless, there may be one or two cons. A con to healthy eating?

Sacre bleu! How could this be?

I’m thinking of the little guys that like to hover around our fruits and veggies as they sit so fresh and beautiful in our kitchens. Fruit flies. Fruit flies are the peskiest of the pesky, the most annoying of, well, the annoying. They show up out of nowhere, start hanging around your healthy eats and make it near impossible to get rid of them. They are the tiny little buzzing gifts that keep on giving. I know most of us have had an outbreak of them and it’s taken us multiple home remedy attempts, more patience than we have and finally, just simply resigning to the fact that a hundred new roommates have moved in.

More importantly than how irritating fruit flies can be, is that they can actually be a health risk. Fruit flies can carry and transmit E. Coli. E. Coli is one of the most predominant food-borne health hazards in developed and undeveloped countries. Food-borne illness can be easily preventable if only we take the necessary precautions, especially in our own kitchens.

Currently there is a new Indigogo campaign that has a fruit fly fix. It’s called Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! and knocks the little suckers right out. It’s all natural and nontoxic making it completely safe for your home. It also has an amazingly adorable video, to boot. It’s a great cause, it’s a small family run business and it could use your support. Read up on all the information the Indiegogo campaign has to share. It’s educational in it’s own right and we should all be aware of what these little critters bring into our space. And, if you’re feeling generous, contribute a few dollars or simply help spread the word.

Take a look here while you keep eating all those amazing fresh fruits and veggies. Keep the health, kick out the rest!

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