There’s footage of Madonna’s incredible Hillary Clinton-inspired acoustic concert, and girl’s still got it

If you’re a child of the ’80s, you’re probably well-versed with Madonna lyrics. Luckily, fans at Madonna’s recent Hillary Clinton-inspired acoustic show were also quite familiar with the tunes that the legendary singer was reciting. Remember way, way back in the day when Madonna wasn’t into performing her old hits? Well, her passion for Hillary Clinton definitely made her reconsider last night.

One of the songs she made sure to perform — with just her top notch vocals and a guitar — was “Like A Prayer”. And like a rockstar, she got her fans (who seemed totally thrilled to be there) to sing along with her. In fact, the audience participation will just make your heart melt. Watch and see for yourself:

According to the New York Times, Madonna also sang “Express Yourself” — but with slightly modified lyrics. Instead of “Express yourself, (You’ve got to make him), Express himself,” our girl Madge decided to use the lyric “Make her express herself.”

Madonna was feeling the election vibes so strongly, that she also performed a few hits from other artists as well.

For example, here she is doing a beautiful rendition of “Imagine”.

While many fans knew a concert would be happening, they didn’t know where it’d be held until the very last minute. So, Madonna was a bit sneaky with her approach. But it looks like it turned out perfectly, and fans are still talking about how magical the whole experience was.

It’s so great that Madonna made sure her voice was heard for Election Day. Maybe she can turn this whole “spontaneous acoustic concerts” idea into a full-fledged tour? Think about it, Madonna. Your fans will adore you for it.

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