This super scary footage from a free dive into a frozen lake is eerie and fascinating

It’s time for us to indulge in our daily dose of living vicariously through the adventures of insanely brave people, which is why we can’t stop watching this astoundingly beautiful footage from a free dive into a frozen lake. Free diver Mathieu Villegas took a dip into this wondrous underwater world in Quebec, Canada’s Morrison Quarry, and it’s equal parts eerie and fascinating. We must admit: This is one alternative winter sport we’ll gladly watch from the sidelines.

Swimming in an iced-over body of water sounds like an even worse idea than golfing on a frozen lake, but luckily Villegas (who is something like a fish trapped in a human body) knows what he’s doing. The only way we’d attempt this feat is if someone paid us with endless cash and infinite therapy sessions because we’re thisclose to having a panic attack.

Watch this beautiful yet claustrophobic dive and try to remember to breathe.

Seriously, how terrifying was that? Sure, there were some gorgeous views underneath the water, but we can’t help freak out about the possibility of becoming trapped underneath.

For a less terrifying dive with even more gorgeous views, here’s a clip from 2015 of Villegas snorkeling in Cozumel.

And a free dive on the Atlantic Princess wreck that’s pretty amazing:

All those dives are fantastic, but given the fact that it’s winter, we’re going to temporarily play the finger-wagging mom role for everyone at home by begging anyone who isn’t trained to leave the frozen lake free dives to the pros.

Happy (safe) diving!