Foot contouring is now a thing to do, and we are confused

By now, we know contouring isn’t going away any time soon. Contouring, which was popularized by the Kardashians, adds structure and dimension to a subject, which is why it’s experienced so much popularity in every day life (we all want to look good in our selfies). From your face to your neck to your ears, way down to your cleavage, abs, and butt, you can contour literally any part of your body — even your feet.

That’s right. Your feet. If you’re as confused as we are, we feel you. Live Glam, an online makeup tutorial company featuring classes from top YouTube and Instagram makeup influencers, recently posted an Instagram video that shows off a woman contouring her feet. The caption reads: Step up your contour game with this fancy footwork.

It’s kind of mesmerizing, but it also feels like a bit way too much. In what scenario would you need makeup on your feet, especially during the summer? It’s hard enough not chipping your toenail polish, and now we have to worry about smearing our foot contour makeup? We think this trend is much more realistic for a highly editorialized photoshoot. It may also be somewhat doable with contouring’s close cousin, tantouring, in which you can semi-permanently contour with self-tanner so it lasts longer.

However, we think your feet look just fine, and you really don’t need to worry about contouring them.