Prepare to be captivated by this food surgeon dissecting candy

For those of you who never thought you had the stomach to watch surgery, this intriguing video of candy surgery is something your stomach definitely be able to tolerate. Just be prepared for the inevitable grumblings from craving the delicious concoctions being created before your eyes.


With patience and precision, The Food Surgeon, transforms a standard Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and a regular Oreo into two tasty-looking hybrids of each other using surgical gloves, precise tools, and a whole lot of savory creativity.


You’re probably wondering: Who is this delectable surgeon and how can you befriend him and request delicious Frankenstein sweets for yourself? His real name is Jeff, but sadly, not much else is known about the surgeon (who isn’t actually a real surgeon — he’s an engineer). He told NPR he doesn’t really use social media and prefers to keep his videos about his art and not himself. Which we totally respect (but we’d still like to be best friends, if that’s ever on the table).