This new food sticker could successfully change how we shop for avocados

Avocados are delicious, but they’re really hard to shop for. They’re either too soft or too hard. Finding the perfect avocado is time-consuming and sometimes impossible. Well, there’s finally a new invention for avocados that could change your life completely. At least in terms of finding the perfect avocado.

When you buy an avocado, it’s often for different reasons. Like, maybe you’ll be adding it to a salad for dinner that night, which means you’ll need a soft ripe avocado. Or maybe you’ll be using it to make guacamole for a party over the weekend. If that’s the case, then you’ll need an avocado that’s more on the firm side so it doesn’t go bad before you’re ready to use it.

The avocado struggle is real, you guys.

Which is why we’re so pumped about this new genius invention. It’s a sticker that informs consumers of the ripeness status of avocados. The sticker shows the different colors of the skin, indicating when the fruit will be ready to eat.

Reddit user TrojanWabbit first posted a photo of the life-changing sticker earlier this month.

The sticker seems like it would be a much better system than the “Ripe Now” stickers we’re used to seeing. Because who knows when that “Ripe Now” sticker was even placed on the avocado? It’s too risky.

No word on when the new stickers will be placed on avocados in the U.S., but we hope it’s soon.

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