This Instagram account will guide you to all the Latinx authors you should be following

A great story or poem can strike a chord in us — in a way that’s sometimes hard to explain. When we find ourselves in the pages of a book, the connection is immediate and lasting. But for many communities, there’s a need for more diverse stories to be told. For student Sabrina Rodriguez, the solution was a simple one: find the books Latinx readers should know about and share them on Instagram. Her account, LatinxReads, is a gorgeous and informative account for Latinx book lovers.

Currently a student, Rodriguez keeps the posts coming while balancing her school schedule. She highlights everything from collections of poetry, to modern young adult fiction, to evocative memoirs from celebrities you probably recognize.

As Rodriguez told Latina, she started looking to books to help her learn more about her culture. Once she created the account, she realized others were also looking for stories that reflected their identity — and that painted a diverse picture of what makes up Latinx culture.

“As the Instagram gained followers, I realized that there are so many people out there who feel that same disconnect. So I began posting books every day and grew it into a community where authors, readers and Latinxs of any kind can join to take a look at a book they may be interested in."

Social media can be a powerful tool for creating communities, particularly for readers of color who often struggle to find characters and narratives that reflect their own experiences. Yet, Rodriguez has created a virtual community open for anyone to join.

Rodriguez also makes a point to keep the account open and welcome to recommendations. She recently shared a Mario Benedetti poem; she “never posted anything from Uruguay before,” she explained, and was excited share the poem after a follower recommended it.

The account’s followers are creating a lively dialogue about the books that affected them. LatinxReads is proof that no matter the genre, books can be a powerful way to archive history and reflect unique identities.

Here’s to adding more titles to our reading lists — time to set up our next book club meeting.

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