So, apparently, you’ve been folding socks wrong your whole life

My fiancé and I have a pretty huge point of contention: how to properly fold socks. My fiancé is all about “the stuff” (stuffing one sock into its partner) while I am a “tuck-and-fold” kind of girl (fold the tops of the socks down to bind them together).

Well, we can now agree that we were both wrong. This video is the one, true way. And to prove it, heres a GIF of me demonstrating the proper sock-folding technique:


Let’s break it down, step by step:

First lay one sock perpendicularly on top of the other matching sock like a cross.


Then, fold the toe of the bottom sock across and on top of the other sock and tuck the tip under it.


Now, here’s where I differ from the original video. For ease, I folded over and tucked the other sock’s toe.


Now we have the ankle ends of each of the socks waiting for us. Fold over the ankle top facing you, then the one to your right.


Flip it over.


Now, tuck in the first sock’s top.


Then tuck in the other sock’s top.


Voila! You have a very neat, very easily stored (and so small!) square of sock!


It may seem complicated at first, but it’s actually quite easy, once you get the hang of it. This method not only provides you with more storage space in your sock drawer, but makes it easier to find that perfect pair of socks, you know, the ones that match your outfit and make you feel complete.