OMG: If you’re flying today you might get an AMAZING surprise for #NationalCheeseburgerDay

It’s National Cheeseburger Day, so obviously we’re celebrating by hitting up our favorite burger joints for lunch, dinner and our mid-day snack (what? we’re just trying to get in the holiday spirit).


Since it’s Sunday, plenty of us have the freedom to do that, but if you’re flying today, it’s not always so easy to work around that strict schedule. What are you going to do, bring your burger through TSA security lines? Grab one while rushing through the airport? It’s just not the same.

But travelers on one airline in particular may get a little lucky today, because Delta Air Lines and Shake Shack are teaming up to make a little magic happen.


According to The Verge, these two companies are helping you get your #NationalCheeseburgerDay ‘gram by serving ShackBurgers mid-flight.

That’s right. If you’re a business class customer flying from JFK to LAX today, you just might get a tasty treat brought right to your seat. And even if you don’t get a burger, chances are good you’ll still score a coupon for a free ShackBurger at Shake Shack’s West Hollywood location in Los Angeles.

How cool is that? We’re licking our lips already.

The collab might seem like a strange one, but Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer has long worked with Delta through his Union Square Hospitality Group to design the in-flight menus for business class flights.

Adding a special day just seemed like a natural progression — and we’re so psyched they did!