Things you learn quickly in a FlyBarre class

It’s animal poses meets ballet, and it’s at a workout class near you.

FlyBarre, appropriately named for the mix of bar and wing movement it features, is an oddly addictive experience. One that promises to give you a butt like JLo and arms like Madonna, circa 1990 (it doesn’t say that anywhere in the advertising, this is just one humble writer’s opinion).

This 60-minute workout class pushes you to the very brink of exhaustion. It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym three times a week, or haven’t gone since college, this class levels the playing field and everyone suffers. Your symptoms may include giggling legs, fatigued arms, and abdominal aches. Similar to the streets of New York, this is a place where everyone is struggling.

It is a rare class that brings together both a trained dancer and a 200 pound male athlete. However, the best part of the class is certainly the glances exchanged throughout the mirrored room. Everyone’s eyes are asking the same question: “How many more?” And if you have taken a class, you know it’s eight more counts. For those of you who have not yet experienced FlyBarre, let me enlighten you.

Flying Burns: For those of you who dreamed of what flying would be like, this class will teach you where we would be without aviation. You will flap your arms so vigorously it’s amazing you’re still on the ground. *spoiler alert, you are.

Beware of the Ball: The Barre ball may look all sweet and innocent, partly due to its Pixar bouncy ball resemblance, but don’t be fooled by its squishy and grey exterior. It means to destroy you.

Don’t Over-squeeze: You will spend at least 40% of class squeezing this ball between your legs, (very much like Suzanne Somers and Jane Fonda, but with out the unitard) and willing it to pop. Be warned, squeezing harder does not help and could possibly lead to an awkward game of catch between you, your nether regions, and the wall.

Overall, this class was as enjoyable as it was painful. It’s three days later and I am still sore, but my rear end has muscles I never knew existed and my arms, when I can extend them, feel victorious.

(Images via Giltcity)

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