This documentary inspires people to “fly like a girl” by showing badass women in aviation

For those of us who have been craving some badass, pro-feminist art, we’ve got your fix. This documentary inspires people to fly like a girl by showing badass women in aviation. And we LOVE IT. Created by Katie McEntire Wiatt, the documentary promises to be thought-provoking and inspiring.

In addition to letting female voices shine through, the documentary highlights a problem in our society. Even though aviation is for everyone, there are barely any female pilots. In reality, it is a male-dominated field and women tend to stay away. Fly Like A Girl aims to change this. By seeing women pilots in this film, many girls will be able to dream of flying as a career.

Data has proven that there is a problem…

In the United States, only 6% of pilots are females. This includes those flying private, commercial, and other types of recreational flying. Of course, those numbers are abysmal! 

 "Many barriers still exist for young women who might pursue aviation/STEM fields," McEntire Wiatt said, pointing to socioeconomic inequality, lack of access to training and education, and broader cultural stereotypes about who gets to be a pilot.

By and large, Fly Like A Girl is a much-needed film. Maybe young girls will see themselves represented onscreen and go so far as to become pilots themselves.

Right now, the film is fundraising on Indiegogo with the goal of $150,000. By donating, you will not only qualify for receiving prizes, but also have a hand in showing young girls everywhere that they can fly planes as a career.

For those looking to do their own research, social media is a great place to check in on women who are flying. Many female pilots have documented themselves on Instagram, giving us a glimpse as what their work life is like. So if you’re interested in helping solve this problem, donate to Katie McEntire Wiatt’s fundraiser.