This wonderfully fluffy Scottish Fold kitten is the perfect distraction from everything stressful

It’s a stressful time out there, friends. And, TBH, all we wanna do is curl up in our fuzziest blankets and scroll through the best cats of Instagram. There’s something about cats that are so calming, which makes sense considering that one of the many scientific benefits of of being a cat owner is decreased stress levels. Yeah, cats are just that magical. And when it comes to the best cats of Instagram, we just have to share this one, because we’re newly in love with Moa, a Scottish fold kitten.


We feel calmer just looking at this little Scottish Fold kitten, TBH.

What a beautiful, beautiful cat. It just looks so sweet.

All we wanna do is cuddle this lovely kitty forever and ever.

We’ve never wanted a Scottish Fold kitten more!