This cute puppy is SO FLUFFY and we need a dozen like him to survive this winter

Winter is coming (like, actually) and while we’re excited for snow and puppy cuddles, we’re also sad to lose warm weather. On the bright side, though, we just found the perfect cuddle buddy, and it’s a totally adorable golden retriever named Buddy Dass. And trust us, he’s PERFECTION. Who doesn’t love an Instagram famous dog?! With 22,000 followers and hundreds of likes on every adventure, he’s beloved by many, and we’re *pretty* sure you’ll love him too!

Like, just look at how warm and fuzzy this little guy is?

We’re not crying, you’re crying!!!

He’s so stinkin’ cute.

We’ll take a dozen, thanks.

He’s just so happy!

We’re bawling, actually.

And we just wanna cuddle all winter long.

And forevermore, obviously.