“Flower” is a movie about teen vigilantes taking down sexual predators, and it’s exactly what the world needs right now

A new movie called Flower, about a group of self-proclaimed teenage vigilantes who frame men for paying underage girls for sex acts, is the film we need right now.

The dark coming-of-age tale follows 17-year-old Erica, played by Before I Fall actress Zoey Deutch, who takes matters into her own hands when she finds out her stepbrother was molested by one of his teachers.

So Erica comes up with a plan to get revenge on behalf of her new stepbrother by seducing the teacher and making sure he gets the punishment he deserves. However, the elaborate plan doesn’t exactly work out the way she initially wanted it to.

That’s not her only act of vigilantism against a sexual predator, though. Along with her friends, Kala (Dylan Gelula) and Claudine (Maya Eshet), Erica attempts to get revenge against a shady sheriff (Eric Edelstein), who pays her for sexual favors.

The trio end up filming the act — “You are on Candid Camera motherf**ker, I just got head from a 17-year-old edition,” Erica says in the scene — so that they are able to switch the power back to themselves. They might not be able to send the sheriff to jail, but they can take justice into their own hands.

Flower comes at a time when we’re witnessing just that — teenagers taking matters into their own hands so they can switch the power back to themselves.

Though the subject matter of the film is pretty heavy, there’s a comedic edge to it that makes the super serious events seem more relatable. Making light of child molestation might not be for every viewer, but the film’s lighter tone seems to reinforce the idea that these issues are actually more commonplace than we realize.


We might not be able to stop all the baddies in the world, but there is a feeling of hope we get when we witness Gen Z teens standing up for themselves and what they believe in. As Deutch says in the movie’s trailer, “Shaking down a child molester is our moral obligation.”

Flower opens March 16th, 2018.